George’s Appliance picks


The appliance sales business is like a used car dealership. They sell whatever they can sell to make the most money. Manufactures pay stores to push their products and pay the sales men and women bonuses for selling them. That is why I have put together a list of appliance to buy and not to buy. Based on 17 years of experience in the sales and repair business.

First: Buy American! This statement is not political statement it is based on repair history and the manufacturer ideas about consumers. Products made in america cost more to manufacture and are held to a higher legal standard. The american an european manufactures under stand we are not a throw away society. Our China and Korean friends believe Americans just trough away and we just buy new appliances when they break.

Second: Stay far away from Samsung and LG. We make a lot of money repairing these appliances:) Samsung and LG are based in South Korean. The products look good have some great innovative features but the quality if horrible. Thier main issue is they stop making electronic parts after just 3-4 years after they are produced
Samsung washers last 4-5 years, refrigerators 5-7 years
lg washers last 5-7, refrigerators 3-5 year


Best appliances to buy based on quality and repair history

Best front load washer:
Electrolux is the best front load washer and the one we rarely ever work on. What most people don’t know, is all washers are compaired to the electrolux washer. The new Electrolux is built well above its’s competitors. Not to mention the Electrolux washer is the washer I have at my house and my wife truly loves it. It cleans better then any other washer on the market.

Best top loads:
For this category I have two picks:
If you like the old school washer with an agitator there is only one. Speed Queen. It has the longest warranty on the market 5-10 years
Now if you are looking for a High efficiency top load, I recommend the Maytag XL . With over 5.3 cubic foot of tub capacity it can handle the largest comforter. I have recommended this washer to several family members and they have no regrets.

Best refrigerator:
GE Profile french door. This is a well built refrigerator. Ge appliance was sold to a chinese company Haier , however they are still built in the usa. The only problem I have had on the new design in the last 5 years was an evap fan motor and that they fixed the issue with a fan motor upgrade kit. I also own a GE Profile refrigerator in my kitchen.

Best Dishwasher:
The best dishwasher goes to three companies GE , Bosch and Miele. First you must under stand there are two levels of dishwasher, Plastic tub and stainless tub. Never buy a plastic tub dishwasher for your house. “They are what you put in a rental apartment” Stainless tub dishwashers are quieter and manufactured TO a higher standard. Miele are the best, however you will pay 1500-2200 for the dishwasher. For a better option buy a GE profile stainless tub dishwasher or bosch stainless tub dishwasher. I owns a GE Profile dishwaser.

Best Microwave:
The truth on microwaves is they are almost all made with the same parts. However the GE’ Profiles, Whirlpool’s and maytags are reliable and we are able to get the repair parts faster